elements for life power/balance/stamina less fatigue , improve sleep
e;ements for life
World Ionics is a life technology designed to work with your body’s natural energy field. World Ionics is a favorite among everyone. Learn More!
Studies show that negative ions have a positive effect on health and aging. Clinical research showed that negative ions deliver health benefits regardless of age.

It makes you feel great! The World Ionics bracelet contains a strong negative Ion compound made of rich natural minerals that are encapsulated in the silicone and the frequency it creates works with the body’s natural energy flow. Negative Ions have been helping mankind feel better since the beginning of time. This natural technology is quietly helping thousands of people and World Ionics wants to be part of this solution. As a company, we want to make sure our product has benefit to those wearing it.


We have a handful of colors and more on the way, so put on your World Ionics, wear it in the color of your choice and Show Your Colors.